In-kind IT services
for the third sector, delivered by volunteers.

For NGOs

Action IT is established with the aim of providing a range of common IT solutions for NGOs including: basic IT infrastructure services such as website development, data management, and volunteer management systems; digital solutions to social, health, humanitarian, and development challenges in low and middle-income countries; and organisational processes such as monitoring and evaluation.

We tailor our service portfolio to each organisation, working closely with them to develop meaningful, manageable, and sustainable IT projects that can be delivered in "Burst" mode. If you are interested in finding out how Action IT can be a capacity for your organisation, please get in touch via email.

Throughout the previous two Action IT bursts (S1 2021 and S2 2021), we had 94 applicants with different skills and technical backgrounds. We had 8 successful projects related to different areas, including accessibility, data retrieval, translation, CI/CD, volunteer management, and financial management systems. These projects were done over 1,520 hours by 19 competent student volunteers who made through an extensive application process.




Student Volunteers




Development Hours

How We Work

Action IT operates "Burst" mode working to ensure the successful delivery of infrastructures and solutions. Each Development burst lasts for 10 weeks, which allows Action IT volunteers to work intensively on existing projects for NGOs. Projects are signed-off and handed over to NGOs at the end of each Development burst with detailed documentation.

Due to the nature of the burst mode, all Action IT projects need to be well-scoped to make sure the volunteers can deliver the projects on time with good qualities. Amid Development bursts, Action IT also runs Design and Scoping bursts where goals are set and prioritized. Major deliverables, project schedules, and milestones are defined and project plans are developed. Ongoing maintenance and support will be performed throughout the bursts by selected student volunteers to ensure the sustainability of Action IT projects during their operational lifecycle.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to know how Action IT can help with your organisation and whether your projects will fit our burst mode.